Friday, February 04, 2011

Naomi + Amy = Love

Amy Butler that is. I am so amazingly excited for the Charm Clutch pattern that is now out on Amy's website. I've been lusting (I know, such a strong word!) over this bag for ages. I've been looking all over trying to understand why I can see it on her site but there isn't a pattern for it anywhere. Well today (well at some point, I just checked again today) Amy made my dream come true. I can't wait to get this pattern and sew up a little something for myself. I'm already thinking about adding a longer strap to the bag as well because my life is such with a toddler that you sometimes need both hands. The hard part is now to select fabric. Lord I have trouble in that area. There are so many wonderful thins to choose from and I suffer from a little fashion ADD from time to time. I am all over the map on any given week. Picking something that will touch all of those styles might be a challenge. I'm up for it though. More updates on this soon.
The weekend is almost here again. I'm so glad. I should also have some exciting mini Naomi makeover news next week. With that, I'll leave you on the edge of your seat breathlessly awaiting whatever nonsense I have to share next week.
Peace, Love, Owls (I saw that some place the other day and it made me smile).

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Patti said...

Really cute bag that is so you. I can already see it on your arm.