Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Nerd in Me Can't Help It

So I'm a checklist maker. Like BIG time. I always have something to take notes in, no matter what. I guess it's because I'm forgetful but also because I have this overwhelming need to be organized. I'm not sure when that started but it's been with me for a long time and it's been both a help and a hindrance at times. The nerd in my just got REALLY excited however to learn that Real Simple online has loads of already done checklists at my fingertips. Plus, you can either scroll down through the list all willie nillie like OORRRRR you can look at them by category. OMG, the geekdom doesn't get much more gitty than this, folks!!! They have everything from cooking, beauty/fashion, to home care. It's genius! (ps, John is making fun of me about how excited I am but really, who cares! This is nerd-vana!)

Check them out at:
Also, the above picture could easily be me, however I wouldn't be wearing a tie. Well and I'm not a boy.

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