Friday, June 05, 2009

Around My House Lately

Lately I've been spring cleaning and trying to make my house more livable. When I worked outside the home there were many things I didn't notice I didn't have or didn't need to use but now that I'm home, these thing have become really important to me. Like flowers/plants in the house, good cooking tools, soft cozy bedding, sunlight filled rooms... I've finally got every room in my house (well not the attic) cleaned up and now I'm slowly decorating and adding things that make our home actually homey. I've never been great at making a house a home for some reason. I guess it wasn't always that important to me but now that I've got Hazel it feels so high on the list because I want her to grow up remembering things we did or had at home that made her look back fondly on growing up. Plus, I also want to teach her how to be able to create a cozy home for very little money because it can be done with a little know how. Now that I have time (not loads but some) to research the things I want to do and really bargain hunt, things are starting to shape up. Also, I've been focusing some time each week to learning more about sewing as well. This week I completed a cute sun hat for Hazel, a grocery shopper tote (that I ended up hating) and a new summer skirt for me. All in all, I don't think I'm going to start sewing all my clothes or anything but you honestly get this insane level of satisfaction when you finish something. You sit back and marvel at the fact you just created that thing from just some fabric and thread. I have many more sewing projects planned for this summer.

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