Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's May WHAT Already?

So about an hour ago I started a grant and glorious blog entry. It was shaping up to be a great one (well as great as a blog entry on page could get I guess). Something bizarre happened and I moved my mouse to click back to the screen and it all disappeared. All of my beautiful text was sent into space. Never to return. I just sat here with my mouth gaping open in disbelief. How could this happen AGAIN? I've done this once before see. Seems to always be when I'm typing something long and highly dramatic. Well it wasn't all that dramatic this time but it was long. Shoot!
Ok. Let's try this again...

So my time lately has been riddled with places to go, people to see and stuff to do. Seems like we haven't had much down time to speak of and so last night in a completely selfish fashion I went home and sat on the couch all night. I read a book till I fell into a sweet and glorious sleep on my so very comfortable couch. John came home to find me still there around 10:30. We talked for a bit but I was back out like a light in nothing flat. I did sleep like a rock though. About time too. I've been doing a lot of tossing and turning lately. Thinking about to much stuff. Laying awake praying about John's work, my work, house payments, etc. Yesterday however my prayers were answered over and above what I could have imagined. Typically how God does things. Blows you away completely. John got a new job. I'm so excited for him. It's a plumbing/pipe fitting role. Based out of Lenexa but the job they have him on is in St Joseph. About 45 minutes from our house. He will work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. A lot of work but he's excited about it. Ready for a challenge. He's getting paid over double what he was making AND he gets $60 per diem each day for food and gas. Pretty sweet deal. He started today. There are a lot of unanswered questions at this point. I have no idea how he will be able to continue with school with the hours but that's up to God. He gave him the job and it's his job to work out the details. I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm a little anxious about having so much by myself time. It's going to be really weird to have to take over most of the tasks that John normally does because he will be stretched out. It's going to be strange to do things like grocery shop alone or make sure I take out the trash. It's worth it mind you but still strange. It's not forever and I know that. That's what will hopefully make it more bearable. It will help us meet a goal in our life and that's exciting to us. Really exciting. Being able to pay off all our bills and get a good chunk of savings built up is something we've talked about for a while. We'll see how it goes.
What else? Oh! John's birthday was Saturday. We had a great time. We actually saw Spiderman 3 for his birthday on Friday night. It was ok. Not as good as the others but a guess an important part of the story. It was just so busy. To much plot going at the same time. Saturday we spent time with Patti for the two whole days she was in town before leaving again for work. She's in Utah this week but seems to be having a nice time so far. She's in a great resort with a great view. On Saturday we went out to Dave and Busters (a huge game place for those of you like me who hadn't ever heard of it). We killed zombies, danced, boxed, bowled and so much more. I'm truly sore from it all. We then went out and had an amazing steak dinner. It's was a lovely day. The weather was nice for a change too. The weather has been non stop rain here and is starting to cause flooding in certain parts of MO. Kinda scary.
Something else silly that I'm pretty excited about is that last night (before I feel asleep) I made up a cleaning schedule for myself. I have gotten to where I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start anymore. So I've decided to do one room a night. That way I will have time to do other things that make me happy as well. So far sounds like a good plan. Tonight I clean the kitchen!

Jeesh I'm a sick person...

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