Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Bucket Is Back!!!!

So we're back from vacation. We actually got back on Sunday evening but we've all been running around for the last two days trying to get Granny ready for two weeks in London. She left this morning.

Vacation was good. Not really relaxing per say. Granny's not really good at relaxation. So everyday we had someplace to go and someone to see. It also rained every single day. We literally got two hours of sunny weather the entire time. It sucked. We did a lot of shopping (I got some really CUTE stuff for really great prices) & eating. We also redecorated one of Gaga's spare bedrooms. It looked so good once we were done. She loved it and I was so glad. We also did a big Italian dinner the night before we left. We cooked for about 15 people. Crazy! It was so tasty though. Wish I had some left overs right now.

Back to work yesterday. Somehow I managed to not really think about this place while I was gone. Odd for me. I normally can't let stuff here. I call and check in but I only did that once. Was nice. I did have to complete some training during the week but other than that I was hands off. Getting ready for my ACE trip. Basically they send a group of us out to a hospital who is converting, either for the first time or to a newer version, to our system. We are there for support and support we do. I'll be gone for five days and supporting a hospital in Miami FL. I leave on the 7th. We'll work 12 to 15 hour days. It will be hard work and I'll be on my feet ALL day. Only thing that makes it at least a little fun is that I'm going with my best friend. We're rooming together, flying together, everything. At least I'll have someone to be miserable with. =) I'm really nervous about working with clients so directly. I deal with them face to face on a daily basis but it's in a environment I'm comfortable in. They are the ones out of their elements. Now it will be me and they'll be asking me random questions about stuff I'm not really all that skilled with. God is gonna have to just give me favor and the right answers.

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